The senhasegura Advantage

See why senhasegura is the #1 rated PAM solution on Gartner Peer Insights.

Plug-and-play full-stack platform with faster setup and simple maintenance

With each product component connected, your organization will get a faster ROI without additional infrastructure costs. In as low as 7 minutes we can configure and deliver highly available software and hardware architecture.

No hidden costs for additional licensing, such as operating systems or database licenses

This allows your organization more precise investment planning when deploying the PAM solution in a critical environment.

Fully open integration plug-ins

senhasegura’s integration features are recognized by Gartner, including Open Connectors, which allows a new integration in less than 4 hours.

Intuitive user interface

With an intuitive interface, implementation and support training becomes faster and easier. This makes it so users can use all the solution’s functions, from the simplest to the most complex task, without issues.

Customized and specific high-performance hardware

Tailored high-performance hardware designed exclusively for PAM. senhasegura’s PAM Crypto Appliance offers advanced security features, streamlining deployment and ensuring compliance with physical security requirements. It's configured for various cluster scenarios, allowing swift scalability by adding members continuously.

Cloud Identity and Governance Administration (IGA) features and DevOps discovery capabilities

senhasegura allows you to include Cloud Identity and Governance directly in the PAM solution, which simplifies and reduces costs for customers who do not have a Cloud Identity and Governance Administration solution. In addition, senhasegura’s features include scanning and discovering DevOps Secrets through integrations with CI/CD tools, which improves the visibility of risks and decision-making for the implementation of DevSecOps.

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