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A complete Privileged Access Management suite

360° Privilege Platform is a security-first solution that will take your Identity Security to a new level.

senhasegura is the only PAM solution on the market that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle:

Identity Management      

Privileged Access Management     

Auditing and Reporting

senhasegura provides unrivaled protection for your organization's critical assets while providing the best value in the industry unmatched customer support. 
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Privileged Account and Session Management
DevOps Secrets Management
DevOps Secret Manager

Manage machine credentials for DevOps environments.

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Certificate Lifecycle Management
Certificate Manager

Manage the lifecycle of digital certificates, automate renewals, and prevent expiration.

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Privileged Infrastructure
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PAM Load Balancer

Efficiently distribute data traffic across cluster instances.

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PAM Crypto Appliance

Increased security and performance for your PAM solution.

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Personal Password Management
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Personal Password Manager

Securely store all of your passwords and personal data.

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Endpoint & Device Security
Endpoint Privilege Manager

Strengthen workstation privilege management capabilities.

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Multi-Cloud Identity Security
Cloud Identity and Access Management

ontrol user access and privileges across your cloud environment.

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Cloud Entitlements and Infrastructure Management

Govern and secure identities within your cloud infrastructure easily.

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Deploy the way you like it

We work with your infrastructure to provide the optimal delivery model for your organization.

Cloud (SaaS)

Software as a Service, completely in the Cloud. Flexible plans and guaranteed data security.

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Installation on your organization's premises with the cutting-edge technology and support that only senhasegura can provide.

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For those who like the convenience of the Cloud with the high availability of On-Site.

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At senhasegura, the customer comes first.
See how our implementation and the complete architecture of our PAM 360 works:

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70% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to competitors.
90% higher Time to Value (TTV) with a quick 7-minute deployment.
The Only PAM solution available on the market that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle.