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Certificate Management 

Manage the full cycle of high privilege credentials from access control with workflow and dual custody.

Session Management (PSM)

Grant access to your organization’s servers without revealing the password, with full recording of text and video sessions.

SSH Key Management

Control the SSH key cycle from discovery or creation to renewal or revocation.

Local User Provisioning

Create and manage local users on Linux, Unix and Windows servers centrally.

Threat Analysis

Automatically analyze critical actions performed on managed systems and identify critical operations.

Application Identity

Eliminate hardcoded passwords and identify privileged accesses to databases and among applications

Privileged Information Protection

Protect your business’ critical and sensitive information so that not even system administrators have unauthorized access.

Scan Discovery

Automatically discover privileged credentials on servers, workstations, and Active Directory.

PAM Load Balancer

Advanced load balancing tools for optimal usage of resources from the senhasegura solution and less troubleshooting time.

PAM Advanced Monitoring

Complete monitoring of operational aspects of the senhasegura solution and its components with custom-made templates.

PAM Security Appliance

Hardware solution based on appliance to assure maximum security and better performance of the solution.

Behavior Analysis

Automatically monitor user behavior to identify suspicious actions and insider threats.

Privilege Management Linux

Execution control of Linux applications for endpoint protection and implementation of least privilege.

Privilege Management for Windows

Implement balanced safety and compliance on user privilege management for Windows endpoints.

Multifactor Authentication

Improved safety on authentication for access control on endpoints, increasing the level of protection in the environment.

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