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Consistently recognized as Leaders by IT Consulting Firms and clients, growing every year. We strive to ensure the sovereignty of companies over privileged information.

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Security and Risk Management

Security and Risk Management

Features for heterogeneous environments.


DevOps Secret Manager

Protection from development to application monitoring.

Privileged Identity

Privileged Identity

Credential and device management linked to the environment.

Privileged Auditing

Privileged Auditing

Verification of user actions on devices.

Compliance and Audit

Compliance and Audit

Compliance with data protection laws worldwide.

Cloud Security

Cloud IAM

Isolating, monitoring, and registering all privileged access.

Privileged Access

Privileged Access

Central access management of high-privilege credentials.

Privileged Infrastructure

Privileged Infrastructure

Complete feature set: hardware + load balancing + monitoring.

Customer Cases

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senhasegura enables DevSecOps in Latin America’s largest e-commerce company, and thus our customer now has 100% of AWS applications and secret keys mapped, more than 80% privileged access registered and audited, and the customer was still able to accelerate their DevSecOps initiative.

We implemented senhasegura’s platform to manage the lifecycle of machine identities and the customer has already achieved centralized viewing of SSH keys, credentials and certificates, PAM managed in a single platform and reduction of phantom SSH keys.

Integrating senhasegura’s solution to all devices through SSH, creating second-factor authentication to gain access to the local user and automatically auditing privileged changes in the environment, which warn about the improper use of credentials, has made the client reduce the abuse of privileges at 94%.

senhasegura protects over USD 26.1 billion in financial transactions through the elimination of personal access and certificate management solutions fully integrated with the PAM platform. Response time to security incidents has been reduced and the customer now meets compliance requirements with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

With 7,000 employees, 608 local stores and 10 million users, the customer has user authentication with personalized tokens, segregation of access profiles, 100% recording of remote sessions and automatic password change on devices, ensuring compliance with PCI controls and raising the standard of security.

Do as they do. Trust in senhasegura!

senhasegura’s discovery feature allows fast onboard of all devices and credentials in the environment, which improves visibility and security

Infrastructure and Operations Coordinator | Transportation Industry

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