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Meet policy requirements and lower the price of your cyber liability insurance with PAM

Did you know?

The average cost of a data breach reached an unprecedented high of $4.45 million in 2023, a 15.3% increase since 2020.


A staggering 49% of data breaches involve stolen credentials.


‍The global cyber insurance market is estimated to double in size by 2025, to reach a total market size of approximately $22 billion.

S&P Global

Companies are increasingly turning to cyber insurance for protection and relief from growing cyber attacks, but coverage can come at a very high price. In addition, insurance approval processes and compliance requirements can be meticulous and hard to follow.

That’s where we come in.

How does PAM help with cyber insurance compliance?

A robust PAM solution strengthens your infrastructure by implementing strict controls and protecting cybercriminals’ prime target: credentials. These enable you to get better insurance coverage at a much lower cost.
Number of Successful Cyber Attacks
Real-time monitoring of all activities during privileged user sessions to detect suspicious activity and prevent attacks.
Number of Devices Connected to the Network
Full traceability of usage, including remote access, with immediate review and removal.
Amount of Data Available or Circulating
Centralized access management with secure storage.
Recovery Costs
Immediate alerts through pattern analysis, high availability, disaster recovery, and backup.
Security Controls and Best Practices
Audit trails to detect non-compliance.

How does senhasegura lower cyber insurance costs?

By fully utilizing our Privileged Access Management solution, your organization demonstrates to insurers that you have strong security controls and risk management strategies, greatly reducing your overall insurance costs.

Here’s how senhasegura lowers the price of your cyber attack insurance:

Secure Remote Access

Execute robust security controls for privileged access, expanding protection beyond conventional boundaries.

Least Privilege Security

Grant third parties controlled and monitored access to necessary resources only to enforce least privilege.

Session Recording

Deter privilege misuse and identify malicious activities for incident investigations andremediation.

Multilevel Approval Workflows

Make privilege abuse more complicated and ensure robust access review, approval, and activity logging.

Limited Access to Sensitive Information

mplement both internal and external measures for data privacy and device protection.

Access Auditing

Validate your compliance, prove the presence of security controls to insurers, and increase transparency.

Sometimes No PAM = No Insurance

While saving on policy costs is significant, sometimes even more is at stake.
In some industries, cyber insurance providers have started requiring companies to deploy a Privileged Access Management solution as a prerequisite for getting approved

We can help you get coverage quickly and affordably.

senhasegura Solutions for Cyber Insurance

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We offer a full-stack, plug-and-play platform with no hidden or additional costs.

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Seamless Integration

Easily connect legacy devices, offering customization options for our customers.

Fast Deployment

In just 7 minutes, we can configure and deliver software and hardware architecture in High Availability.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive user experience reduces training and support time, cutting costs for our clients.

Expert Support Team

Count on our highly skilled team for exceptional technical support, ensuring a smooth experience.

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New to Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance is the fastest-growing subsector of the global insurance market for a reason.

Here are some frequently asked questions you should know.

What is cyber insurance?
Cyber insurance is designed to protect businesses from risks that arise when using data and technology in business operations. Cyber insurance policies typically protect your business against liability stemming from a data breach that involves sensitive customer information, including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, account numbers, and health records.
What does cyber insurance cover?
A cyber insurance policy assists organizations in covering financial losses resulting from cyberattacks or data breaches. Cyber insurance companies also provide support for expenses associated with remediation, including investigation, crisis communication, legal services, customer refunds, etc.
Who needs cyber insurance?
Cyber insurance is important for organizations that rely on digital technology and store sensitive data. This encompasses most businesses, including healthcare providers, financial institutions, educational organizations, government agencies, and companies that manage personal data online.

Cyber insurance should be considered for businesses of all sizes. 55% of small businesses have experienced a data breach and 53% have had multiple attacks.

How PAM Lowers the Price of Cyber Insurance

As the demand for cyber insurance increases, so does the pricing and red tape. Learn more about how these challenges can be overcome with a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution in this free resource.

This essential whitepaper provides insights into:
+ Why cyber insurance?
+ Why does cyber insurance cost what it costs?
+ How can PAM help?
+ How does PAM impact costs?
+ …and much more
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"My overall experience with senhasegura has been very positive, once that it is a complete security solution with several features that meet up with many different infrastructure and business scenarios. The solution's graphic interface is very friendly-user and simple, which makes the management and end-users usage easier. In our scenario we use the PAM Core feature a lot, which has shown itself efficient in its purpose to manage the credentials and devices, contributing directly to the safety of our environment evolution."
IT Security & Risk Management
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"The platform has a friendly-user interface, with medium complexity and a broad set of identity and access management solutions that has been very efficient. The system is sturdy and has a high capability of recovery from possible problems, in scale, presenting itself very effective in the high availability and traffic environments. The system surprised us in matters of access segmentation and controlling/auditing of user's remote access through a transparent proxy.”
IT Security & Risk Management
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“senhasegura was essential for the SAP Obsolescence Projects due to the need for the SAP SUM Tool to need controlled information to which the implementing technical teams could not have access and the solution was provided by an automation developed by the SenhaSegura team, which made the information available from username and password directly in the pop-up of the SUM tool without displaying them, thus meeting our company IT security premises."
IT Associate

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