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Our Cloud Infrastructure and Entitlement Management (CIEM) module provides maximum visibility and control over permissions in multi-cloud environments.

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Has your company migrated its infrastructure to the Cloud? Do you work in a multi-cloud environment? Does your security team have full visibility of identities and entitlements on Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)?

Managing cloud entitlements has become a major challenge for cybersecurity teams. This happens especially because of the increased number and complexity in multi-cloud environments. In these environments, services and policies can be misconfigured and poorly defined. According to Gartner, by 2024, organizations running cloud infrastructure services will suffer a minimum of 2,300 violations of least privilege policies. That’s per account, every year!

senhasegura Cloud Entitlements help enterprises manage cloud access risks via administration-time controls for the governance of entitlements in hybrid and multi-cloud IaaS.


How It Works

Key Features

senhasegura CIEM helps protect and manage your infrastructure entitlements in modern multi-cloud environments. All major cloud platforms (such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft Azure) are supported right out of the box.


Scan, discover, and inventory all accounts, assets, policies, and permissions changes across your cloud estate.

Entitlements Management

Manage your multi-cloud IaaS entitlements, including CIEM advanced analytics techniques to counteract the sheer volume and expansion of entitlement data.

Permission Resizing

Resize permissions of IAM entities according to resource use and actual need to reduce your attack surface and lower your costs.

Reports and Alerts

senhasegura CIEM provides key compliance automation functions, such as audit, log, reporting, and alerting.

3D Cloud Access Path

senhasegura CIEM offers an intuitive 3D graphical view based on CSP access policies with advanced filters that allow administrators to easily visualize the privileges of all identities.

Full Integration with PAM

senhasegura CIEM is fully integrated with our PAM platform, offering a centralized interface for managing privileged access.

ciem diagram integration

Key Benefits

A CIEM solution securely and efficiently manages identities throughout your cloud service providers, making your cloud environment safer with high visibility for administrators and offering security recommendations for identities and entitlements.

Privileged Access Management Extended to the Cloud

Our solution provides a seamless Privileged Access Management experience across your entire computing environment.

No disruptions and maximum agility

senhasegura CIEM provides full visibility into unnecessary privileges and refines policies without disrupting development flow or their need for agility.

Lowest TCO and best value

Our simple licensing model, reasonable pricing, fast deployment, and low administrative burden combine to provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership and best value in the industry.

Super-fast deployment

CIEM is as easy to deploy and use as our PAM Core. senhasegura has the shortest implementation time in the market, giving you the fastest time to value.

Refine your security with Criticality Customization

We offer the flexibility to customize the criticality of parameters according to your company's organizational security policy. Unlike other solutions, our platform offers the power of customization to strengthen your security posture.

True Multi-Cloud Protection

With senhasegura CIEM, you get full visibility and control over all your cloud assets and entitlements regardless of the cloud platform you are using, providing a streamlined user experience and easy-to-use platform.

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Advantages of the Integrated Approach

senhasegura’s approach has always been providing a 360° solution for our customers and that is why we have integrated CIEM management tightly into our solution. This ensures:
Full CIEM functionality, helping you protect your cloud estate within the familiar senhasegura environment
Saved time, money, and effort
Accelerated deployment time
Lower total cost of ownership
Enhanced scalability
Make sure that you and your organization are ready for the future of cybersecurity.

Recognized by Top Analysts Worldwide

9+ top consulting firms recognize senhasegura as a global leader.

Read what they have to say about us:

senhasegura was named a gold medal winner and top choice by the Info-Tech Research Group in their SoftwareReviews Top Privileged Access Management Software Awards for the year 2023. ITRG’s reports are collected from real end users and analyzed in an exhaustive fashion with extensive data analytics. Our report, based on real feedback, shows a 99% Likeliness to Recommend and 100% Plan to Renew, along with a Business Value Satisfaction rating of 90%- substantially higher than any other company. “senhasegura ranks as an outlier and clear leader among all other PAM solutions.” This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering superior solutions and exceptional service.
According to German IT analysis company KuppingerCole, senhasegura is the Overall Leader in PAM because it fits into three base categories: Global Leader, Product Leader, and Innovation Leader; with a highlight on ease of use, good customization, and a unique key analysis feature offered by the solution. With this, senhasegura positions itself in the elite group of the recent Leadership Compass report for Privileged Access Management (PAM).
The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance has teamed up with senhasegura to advance cybersecurity awareness and knowledge sharing. Our main objective is to address the clear and present dangers of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to companies, society, citizens and their actions and privileged information. We strive to work against data theft and comply with the most rigorous auditing requirements and standards. Cybersecurity is a fundamental right for citizens, institutions, and society, and we are committed to making it a reality.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

See what our customers have to say about their experience:

“senhasegura is a full feature PAM tool that offers easy deployment, mainly because of its integrated architecture. As a differential, we consider its Certificate Management module, which was not offered by any other vendor considered. The solution is essential for any company with complex environments with multiple applications, users and systems to manage and monitor. This allows greater visibility of all IT resources in the environment and full access governance."
Retail Industry
"Besides traditional password vaulting capabilities offered by senhasegura, we use both their DevOps Secret Management and Certificate Management solutions in order to mitigate business and cybersecurity risks, including critical application downtime."
Retail Industry
"SenhaSegura was essential for the SAP Obsolescence Projects due to the need for the SAP SUM Tool to need controlled information to which the implementing technical teams could not have access an d the solution was provided by an automation developed by the SenhaSegura team, which made the information available from username and password directly in the pop-up of the SUM tool without displaying them, thus meeting our company IT security premises."
IT Associate
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