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senhasegura & Azure: Profitable partnership

We have integrated our market-leading privileged access solution into the Azure Marketplace, providing our partners and customers greater security and a simplified sales process.

Simplified and Personalized

senhasegura's personalized offers and billing are integrated with Azure, making purchasing simple and aligned with the customer's needs.

Less Bureaucracy

Purchasing via the Azure Marketplace can help you avoid the hurdles of approval processes, bids, RFPs and tenders.

Partner Growth Support

We offer pre-sales and marketing teams that are highly dedicated to leveraging our partners' expansion strategies.

Aligning Challenges and Solutions to Optimize the Sales Process

Bids, RFPs, notices, and budgetary constraints are complex, posing challenges to business partners and customers. The key is to simplify the process, ensure compliance, and optimize decision-making to achieve more efficient processes and profitable results.


The intricate nature of bids, RFPs, and notices, along with obstacles related to the approval authority, add complexity to the sales process.


The ideal solution should reduce bureaucracy, ensure compliance, and allow customer flexibility during purchasing.


The result is a faster, less bureaucratic, customized, and flexible sales process for the customer, increasing sales and profitability.

See how it works
  • Partner asks the sales representative to create a personalized offer based on the customer's Microsoft ID.
  • Sales representative generates and sends a unique private offer link directly to the customer, simplifying the purchase.
  • Customer clicks on the link and completes the purchase via Azure with billing integrated into the monthly invoice, simplifying the process.

Private, Tailored Offerings

senhasegura's focus is to deliver what our customers need. To this end, we provide a wide variety of delivery formats and private offerings that can be adjusted to their specific requirements. Whether it's the convenience of a SaaS system hosted on Azure, the practicality of an OVA solution for on-premise environments, or the security of a Physical Appliance for high confidentiality needs, we have them covered.

Azure Virtual Appliance
(SaaS e BYOL)

The SaaS or BYOL format offers flexibility by allowing customers to run software on Azure infrastructure on demand.

Open Virtual Appliance

The OVA format allows for the solution's portability, making it ideal for on-premise environments or other public clouds. It also offers better system control.

Physical Appliance
(Crypto Appliance)

The Physical Appliance option offers dedicated hardware and maximum control for customers with high security and confidentiality demands.


Accelerating the Telecom Market with senhasegura

“With tight deadlines and approval barriers, we found a light at the end of the tunnel in the senhasegura solution via Azure. The adoption of physical appliances met our needs and the purchase process streamlined by Azure was decisive in meeting the deadline. The integration of these two forces was the real differentiator.”

Challenge: The main concerns were issues with the approval authority and a one-week deadline to complete the purchase.
Solution: senhasegura, in partnership with the Azure Marketplace, offered the solution via physical appliances, which was exactly what the customer requested.
Impact: The purchase was made quickly via the Marketplace, overcoming the obstacles of authority and deadline, resulting in a satisfied customer.

Driving Partner Growth with senhasegura and Azure

"As a partner, the agility and simplicity that senhasegura provides in conjunction with the Azure Marketplace has allowed us to overcome conventional sales barriers. The flexibility in delivery formats, from SaaS to Physical Appliance, has allowed us to serve our customers in a personalized and effective way. In addition, the active support from the pre-sales and marketing teams is a differentiator that helps us grow and expand our business."


“We needed to overcome traditional business obstacles and efficiently reach our customers.”


“With senhasegura and Azure Marketplace, we found delivery flexibility and active support, strengthening our offering.”


“With this partnership, we overcame challenges, increased our reach and saw significant growth in business.”

Maximize Your Reach with senhasegura on Azure

The Azure platform is the choice of 95% of Fortune 500 companies, connecting you to a thriving B2B market with more than 4 million active buyers monthly. By selling the senhasegura solution through the marketplace, you will be at the center of this enormous potential for growth and competitiveness.

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