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Take control of your entire certificate lifecycle and centralize your Machine Identity Management.

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Unlike most Privileged Account Management solutions, senhasegura also helps you manage your SSL/TLS certificates and protect and manage your machine identities, all through the same easy-to-use interface.

Streamline Your Certificate Management Process

senhasegura Certificate Manager enables you to centrally orchestrate the entire lifecycle of digital certificates within your organization. From discovery to automatic scanning of websites, directories, and web servers to automated certificate renewal through both external and internal certification authorities, everything can be easily managed from one place.


Our comprehensive discovery engine scans your environment and discovers and brings under control existing certificates.


Issue and sign new certificates directly from the user interface. senhasegura interfaces with leading certificate authorities for maximum convenience and security.

Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Automate certificate-based workflows, including deployment, to simplify administration and enhance user experience.

Complete Visibility and Traceability

senhasegura monitors certificate usage and provides visibility into certificate usage, deployment, and expiration status, presented in a comprehensive graphical display.

Risk Radar

The Risk Radar tool allows administrators to easily identify and manage certificates with higher risk levels, enabling them to prioritize and address potential security vulnerabilities effectively. The rating system is based on criteria such as encryption algorithm and certificate authority.

Expiration Alerts

Our solution allows you to have complete control over certificate expiration dates. You can set automatic alerts for specific teams at configurable intervals.

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How It Works

Key Features

Up to 75% of organizations have faced outages and lost business due to expired certificates. In many cases, certificate management is still performed manually in a spreadsheet, leaving them widely subject to human error. With senhasegura Certificate Manager, you can centrally oversee the entire lifecycle of digital certificates within your organization – with the streamlined and familiar senhasegura user interface.

Secure Machine Identities

The number of machine identities and machine-to-machine connections is rising exponentially. This creates new attack surfaces and introduces identity management challenges.

Super-Fast Deployment

The Certificate Manager is as easy to deploy and use as the PAM Core. senhasegura is the solution with the shortest implementation time in the market, giving you the fastest time to value.

Lowest TCO and Best Value

Our simple licensing model, reasonable pricing, fast deployment, and low administrative burden combine to provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership and best value in the industry.

High Granularity of Access

Top analysts like Forrester consider senhasegura Certificate Manager to provide one of the most detailed access granularities available in the industry.

Integration with Leading CAs

senhasegura Certificate Manager integrates with all major Certificate Authorities on the market and enables the signing of certificates, including self-signed ones, directly within the platform.

Wide Compatibility

senhasegura Certificate Manager supports all types of keys, algorithms, and certificate formats (including SSH keys, X.509, and SSL/TLS certificates) for the widest possible compatibility.

Comprehensive Reporting

The reporting and dashboard features allow graphical visualization of the status of all certificates, including the identification of which ones use encryption in a manner not compliant with your security policies. Customizable, automated alerts enable full control of the expiration dates of certificates managed by senhasegura Certificate Management.

Centralization of Certificate Management

Certificate Manager automates the full life cycle of digital certificates, including requisition, renewal, signature, publication, and revocation, reducing the time and effort required to manage them. It also provides flexible approval workflows, ensuring adherence to your security policies and governance requirements.

Unique PAM Solution with Integrated Certificate Manager

The solution is fully integrated with the senhasegura PAM platform, which helps minimize implementation and training costs.  and makes the system usable through the familiar, easy-to-use interface of senhasegura PAM Core. The tightly integrated solution lets you consolidate vendors, save costs, and eliminate integration issues.

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Secure Your Machine Identities

There are currently more than 40 billion connected devices, covering not only servers and endpoints, but also mobile devices, applications, cloud instances, containers, microservices, and industrial machines, in an increasingly complex infrastructure. And the number is rising exponentially. (Gartner)

Machine identity management and security are crucial for certificate management, especially with the rise of cloud computing and digital transformation (Industry 4.0 and IIoT, smart cities, smart homes, etc.), The proliferation of connected devices has increased the number of machines dynamically created, configured, and destroyed to meet changing business requirements.

Digital certificates play a critical role in managing this proliferation and reducing attack surfaces. senhasegura Certificate Management provides the perfect foundation for securing and managing your machine identities.

Advantages of the Integrated Approach

senhasegura’s approach is always to provide a 360° solution for our customers, which is why we have integrated certificate management tightly into our solution. This means there’s no need to acquire a separate Certificate Manager, deploy and train your staff on another platform, or worry about interoperability. This also ensures:

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

See what our customers have to say about their experience:
"My overall experience was truly exceptional. SenhaSegura's user-friendly interface, advanced security features, and versatility left a lasting impression. I highly recommend senhasegura to businesses seeking top-notch security solutions with user convenience."
IT Security & Risk Management
"The platform has a friendly-user interface, with medium complexity and a broad set of identity and access management solutions that has been very efficient. The system is sturdy and has a high capability of recovery from possible problems, in scale, presenting itself very effective in the high availability and traffic environments. (...)"
IT Security & Risk Management
"senhasegura was essential for the SAP Obsolescence Projects due to the need for the SAP SUM Tool to need controlled information to which the implementing technical teams could not have access an d the solution was provided by an automation developed by the senhasegura team, which made the information available from username and password directly in the pop-up of the SUM tool without displaying them, thus meeting our company IT security premises."
IT Associate
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70% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to competitors.
90% higher Time to Value (TTV) with a quick 7-minute deployment.
The Only PAM solution available on the market that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle.

Recognized by Top Analysts Worldwide

9+ top consulting firms recognize senhasegura as a global leader.

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senhasegura was named a gold medal winner and top choice by the Info-Tech Research Group in their SoftwareReviews Top Privileged Access Management Software Awards for the year 2023. ITRG’s reports are collected from real end users and analyzed in an exhaustive fashion with extensive data analytics. Our report, based on real feedback, shows a 99% Likeliness to Recommend and 100% Plan to Renew, along with a Business Value Satisfaction rating of 90%- substantially higher than any other company. “senhasegura ranks as an outlier and clear leader among all other PAM solutions.” This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering superior solutions and exceptional service.
According to German IT analysis company KuppingerCole, senhasegura is the Overall Leader in PAM because it fits into three base categories: Global Leader, Product Leader, and Innovation Leader; with a highlight on ease of use, good customization, and a unique key analysis feature offered by the solution. With this, senhasegura positions itself in the elite group of the recent Leadership Compass report for Privileged Access Management (PAM).
The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance has teamed up with senhasegura to advance cybersecurity awareness and knowledge sharing. Our main objective is to address the clear and present dangers of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to companies, society, citizens and their actions and privileged information. We strive to work against data theft and comply with the most rigorous auditing requirements and standards. Cybersecurity is a fundamental right for citizens, institutions, and society, and we are committed to making it a reality.

Datasheet Digital Certificates

Learn why digital certificates are increasingly important and how you can best manage them to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and minimize your attack surface with effective certificate management.
Why are certificates at the core of Machine Identity Management?
How do digital certificates and PKI work?
What are some of the best practices in digital certificate management, and what are their benefits?
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