Real Customer Success Stories

senhasegura has helped many companies to protect their access and ensure their system security.
You can read some of the success stories here.

Case Study

Biggest retail LATAM bank

The bank uses senhasegura to reduce
privilege abuse by 94%

Case Study

Largest LATAM e-commerce

Enabled DevSecOps at largest LATAMe-commerce company

Case Study

8th Biggest Telco in the world

Certificates, SSH keys & PAM managedin one single platform

City skyline against a serene blue backdrop.
Case Study

2nd Biggest payroll database
in the world

Brazilian Gov Data Processor reduced over 97% of unauthorized access

Bank vault door with large metal door, symbolizing security and protection.
Case Study

Financial institution with
more than US$ 300M in

senhasegura helps protecting more than US$ 26,1 B in financial

The largest LATAM car rental network.
Case Study

The largest LATAM car rental network

With 7,000 employees, 608 localstores and 10 million customers

Aerial view of a big city skyline at night with illuminated skyscrapers and city lights.
Case Study

Latin America’s largest
mileage program

An e-commerce platform forpurchasing miles, reservationsand travel.

A doctor wearing a mask looking at you.
Case Study

Large Medical Diagnose Company

A healthcare giant that processes 75 million clinical exams per year.

An empty hospital corridor.
Case Study

International Reference in Medical Centres

120k+ patients treated yearlyacross seven units.

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