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Credential management also available for your cloud environment, learn about the main features of PAM SaaS senhasegura.

senhasegura SaaS offers a cloud-native PAM solution, protecting privileged credentials in managing, password rotation, auditing and monitoring privileged actions in the environment.

Easily deployed, senhasegura SaaS manages the credentials administrators use to access critical systems across the organization, preventing malicious access from negatively impacting your business.


What are the main features?

The functionalities of the senhasegura PAM SaaS platform meet the most demanding cybersecurity requirements, allowing any organization to comply with cybersecurity management rules, regulations and policies and at all steps provided for in the privileged access lifecycle.

The main features brought by senhasegura PAM SaaS include:

Simplify efforts and reduce operational costs for privileged access management.

It is ideal for companies of all sizes.

Removal of issues related to software updates, which are done directly in the cloud.

Since it does not rely on the customer’s Infrastructure, investment becomes more fluid.

Recordings and audits of privileged sessions in accordance with current security rules and regulations.

Allows internal and external users to enter credentials and passwords into secure access sessions without users knowing or seeing which were used, dramatically reducing the chances of phishing or misuse of credentials.

Access Management from any account with privileges: from local administrators or shared domains to personal administrator user accounts.

Increase productivity and efficiency by properly managing privileged access and passwords.

How it works?

secure SaaS version of cloud-based PAM reduces the administrative security management burden along with fast system startup.

Managing privileged access credentials in the cloud, in addition to simplifying the process, allows it to be more cost-effective, making the resource accessible to companies of all sizes.

Who is it recommended for?

senhasegura is a leading global solution in privileged access management with a mission to eliminate the abuse of privileges in organizations around the world.

The solution is recommended for companies in the following scenarios:

Companies with more than 10 users.

Companies that received points of attention in auditing.

Companies that need to reduce operating costs.

Companies that must comply with cybersecurity rules and regulations.

Companies that want to implement the best security practices.

Companies that have suffered a security incident.


No Additional Costs

We offer a full-stack and plug and play platform with the shortest setup time.

Customer Recognition

Scored 4.9 out of 5.0 for a PAM supplier and received the 2021 Customer’s Choice seal.

Intuitive User Interface

This results in less training and support time and cost.


It even allows the connection of legacy devices, which can be developed by the customer.

Rapid Deployment

In just 7 minutes, we can configure and deliver software and hardware architecture in High Availability.

Support Experience

In 2020, 97% of our services were rated as Excellent.

senhasegura is a sophisticated Privileged Access Management solution, schedule a demo.


senhasegura SaaS

World Recognition

In 2021, senhasegura was recognized as a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. In the same year, Gartner also named us among the top three PAM technologies in the world in its PAM Critical Capabilities report.

In addition, senhasegura was listed in Forrester’s Wave report for Privileged Identity Management 2018, which considered our access granularity among the best in the market. In addition, senhasegura was named a Leader by KuppingerCole in its Leadership Compass 2021 report.

Customer Testimonials

"Complete solution and very intuitive to use. Deployment and integration with other systems and our environment was very simple. It stands out for its ease of use with a wide range of multi-vendors like ours, meeting all our security and certification requirements."

IT Coordinator

Financial Industry

"This supplier was completely honest in its proposals and its deliveries. The solution was delivered as requested by our organization. The solution demonstrated robustness and easy implementation."

Executive Coordinator of Information Security

Retail Industry

"senhasegura is a tool that has helped us a lot in the daily challenges of Information Security, after its implementation, it was possible to guarantee the perfect management of privileged credentials, eliminating generic users and ensuring that there is no abuse of privileges by both employees and providers. The implementation of the features we acquired took place in a simple and silent way, without impacting the operating environment."

Safety and Risk

Transport Industry


Largest Retail Bank in Latin America with +5,000 branches worldwide and +13 million customers.


Complex and large telecommunication network around the world with indiscriminate settings for changing privileges without auditing.


Huge surfaces were exposed to eventual malicious attack and non-compliance with PCI DSS and SOX.


Integration of senhasegura to all devices through SSH to create second-factor authentication for local user access and audit privileged changes in environment alerts due to deviations or misuse of privileged credentials.


  • + 98% of local passwords automatically rotated in less than 4 hours.
  • + 5K in privileged configuration change audit with 94.5% reduction in privilege abuse.
  • The customer was able to meet compliance requirements.

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