senhasegura Endpoint and Device Protection

Reduce security threats by removing local administrative rights, enforcing least privilege, and providing just-in-time privileges for your users.

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Securing your organization's endpoints is crucial to protecting your business from insider threats, compromised identities, and other malicious attacks. We designed senhasegura's Endpoint and Device Protection solution (EDP) to provide you with the best possible endpoint security. 

With EDP, you can remove unnecessary admin privileges, grant 'just-in-time' or 'on-demand' endpoint privileges, and monitor every end-user. EDP's powerful behavioral analytics feature can detect atypical behavior profiles and stop attacks before they happen, keeping your organization's sensitive data safe.

Prevent, Monitor, Secure, and Automate

Enforce Least Privilege

Grant administrator privileges as needed for application execution, based on authorized action lists.

Prevent Unwanted Apps

Control authorized, notified, and blocked action lists for each user to minimize risks from malicious software installation and privilege abuse.

Utilize Single Sign-On

Launch applications through the local agent automatically, avoiding the exposure of credentials to end-users.

We Support All Major Workstation Operating Systems

senhasegura EDP is available for Windows, Linux, and (coming soon!) macOS. We designed each version to support and take advantage of critical use cases and features of the particular OS.

Windows image.

The Windows version provides controlled access to the Windows Control Panel with administrative privileges, including features like date and time change functions and many others. It also supports the provisioning and revoking of privileged local user access on Windows, Linux, Unix, Databases, and Active Directory platforms without the need to install any agent on the target device.

Linux image.

The Linux version provides an additional security layer over tools like ACL, PAM, SELinux, and sudo, with no need to recompile the kernel, acting directly like LSM (Linux Security Machines). It also supports recording sudo actions to meet audit requirements and centralized authentication of Linux environment credentials by loading Active Directory profiles.

The MacOS version will be fully native and work on both Intel and ARM-based Macs. Coming in 2024, our solution will provide complete endpoint protection for Macs and make them equally powered citizens of the security world.

How It Works

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Key Benefits

By deploying senhasegura’s EDP on your workstations and devices, your organization gets…

Traceability for Audits

All requests to use administrative credentials are logged in session logs, bringing greater traceability for auditing privileged activities.

Regulatory Compliance

Automate privileged access controls to meet regulatory requirements such as PCI, ISO, SOX, GDPR, and NIST, and ensure maturity in audited processes.

Control and Risk Mitigation

Control authorized, notified, and blocked action lists for users, reducing risks related to installing malicious software and privilege abuse, which can compromise the whole environment.

Enforce Segregation of Duties

Enforce segregation of duties for accessing sensitive information, isolating critical environments, and correlating environments to prevent data breaches, a key challenge in privileged user management.

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senhasegura was named a gold medal winner and top choice by the Info-Tech Research Group in their SoftwareReviews Top Privileged Access Management Software Awards for the year 2023. ITRG’s reports are collected from real end users and analyzed in an exhaustive fashion with extensive data analytics. Our report, based on real feedback, shows a 99% Likeliness to Recommend and 100% Plan to Renew, along with a Business Value Satisfaction rating of 90%- substantially higher than any other company. “senhasegura ranks as an outlier and clear leader among all other PAM solutions.” This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering superior solutions and exceptional service.
According to German IT analysis company KuppingerCole, senhasegura is the Overall Leader in PAM because it fits into three base categories: Global Leader, Product Leader, and Innovation Leader; with a highlight on ease of use, good customization, and a unique key analysis feature offered by the solution. With this, senhasegura positions itself in the elite group of the recent Leadership Compass report for Privileged Access Management (PAM).
The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance has teamed up with senhasegura to advance cybersecurity awareness and knowledge sharing. Our main objective is to address the clear and present dangers of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to companies, society, citizens and their actions and privileged information. We strive to work against data theft and comply with the most rigorous auditing requirements and standards. Cybersecurity is a fundamental right for citizens, institutions, and society, and we are committed to making it a reality.

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