PAM Crypto Appliance

Increased security and performance for your PAM solution.

Appliance-based hardware solution with custom operating system and embedded proprietary database to ensure greater security and better solution performance.

Some of the benefits of using senhasegura Load Balancer for business are:

• Solution availability regardless of the infrastructure and virtualization tool.
• High availability and disaster recovery technologies built into the solution.
• Independence of Virtualization area and possible conflicts of interest between areas.

senhasegura is the only PAM vendor to offer a Certificate Manager solution fully integrated with the PAM platform

*Consult the values ​​and special conditions to purchase the solution.

What are the main features?

Learn about the functionalities of optimal use of senhasegura resources below.

Protection against physical attack.

Cryptographic key protection in hardware.

Symmetric key storage in hardware.

Data destruction in case of appliance tampering.

Integration with leading certification authorities to sign certificates within the solution, including self-signed ones.

Use of pre-registered organizations, reducing errors in creating certificates.

Technical Features

Embedded HSM
TPM module
Redundant and internal power supplies
Disk encryption and redundancy
Electric power redundancy with the ability of replacement without interrupting equipment operation
Companies Across 60+ Countries Trust senhasegura
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A Solution You Can Count On

“senhasegura is a full feature PAM tool that offers easy deployment, mainly because of its integrated architecture. As a differential, we consider its Certificate Management module, which was not offered by any other vendor considered. The solution is essential for any company with complex environments with multiple applications, users and systems to manage and monitor. This allows greater visibility of all IT resources in the environment and full access governance."
Retail Industry
"Besides traditional password vaulting capabilities offered by senhasegura, we use both their DevOps Secret Management and Certificate Management solutions in order to mitigate business and cybersecurity risks, including critical application downtime."
Retail Industry
"The supplier has helped us reach our goals with the product. The support offered to the product is spectacular."
Services Industry

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