360° Privilege Platform

Next Level PAM.

Threats are evolving. Is your cybersecurity evolving along with it?
The Leading Cause of Data Breaches: Compromised Credentials
The Leading Solution: Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Not All PAM Solutions Are Created Equal.You don’t have a year to deploy and train your team, you need a streamlined solution that can give you protection now.
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Introducing the senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform Version 4.0

Our masterfully built, most advanced Privileged Access Management solution pushes the limits yet again. The all-new version 4 features even greater ease of use, security, and value. Our most intuitive UI yet.

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Less friction,
more productivity.

We’ve completely revamped the user experience for both end-users and admins to create the least amount of friction and the highest amount of efficiency for better usability and productivity. We believe good usability is good security.

Designed for performance.

The senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform is built for unparalleled performance. The optimized architecture and intuitive design help you achieve more with less, and faster.
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Proxies fully
A single virtual appliance
Hardened and highly available right out of the box

More value.
Less hassle.

We’ve engineered the senhasegura 360° privilege platform to provide the best value and the fastest time to security in the industry.
Up to


Lower total cost of ownership than competing solutions
Up to


Faster deployment than the leading solution


Security and peace of mind to work on what really matters
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A PAM solution that does more so you can, too.

The senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform is the most comprehensive PAM solution on the market, ensuring complete protection for every facet of your operation right out of the box. All with the same blazing speed, streamlined user interface, and simple licensing model that our customers know and trust.
We value your trust. We pride ourselves in our commitment to agility, results and client satisfaction, and our reviews speak for themselves.
Trusted by more than
Customers in over 60 countries spread out around the world.
Only PAM vendor with
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5/5
A full five-star customer satisfaction rating on Gartner Peer insights.
rate from our customers on Gartner Peer Insights.
Innovative architecture

Ready for the future,
whatever it may bring.

Embrace the future confidently with our microservices-based, containerized architecture—designed to adapt seamlessly to whatever challenges lie ahead.
Need to add users or resources?
Simply spin up a few more containers.
Need to adopt new features?
Turn them on with a few simple clicks. No reinstalls, no upgrades needed.
Need to upgrade to new technologies?
We continually enhance our platform to meet your evolving needs.
Amazing productivity

Automate and streamline

Especially for large organizations, PAM takes a lot of effort and resources. senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform helps you save time and work by providing a comprehensive set of automation tools make your admins’ lives easier and helps your users be more productive.

The time to act is now

Eliminate Standing Privileges with just-in-time access

With just-in-time (JIT) access, you can grant your users access to precisely what they need, exactly when they need it. And only for as long as they need it.

JIT access improves productivity and reduces your attack surface by eliminating standing privileges that can be compromised and lead to data leaks.

we speak cloud

Cloud security right out of the box

Our CIEM (cloud infrastructure and entitlements management) and Cloud IAM modules extend our impressive PAM functionality into the cloud. They help you keep your cloud assets and identities secure, enabling you to work in the cloud at the speed of your business.

We have a secret for you

Manage your secrets and unleash your DevOps

senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform has a full-features DevOps Secret Managements (DSM) module that helps you accelerate you DevOps initiatives while keeping them orderly and secure.

We do certificates and keys, too

Manage your certificates and machine identities

The senhasegura 360° Privilege Platform is the only PAM platform that offers full lifecycle Certificate Management as part of the platform. We help you efficiently secure your SSL/TLS certificates and manage machine identities for optimal security.

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let's get personal

Secure passwords and data for every type of user

Password vaulting for privileged users is a common feature of PAM platforms. But what about the non-privileged users who make up the majority of your staff? senhasegura has them covered with our Personal Password Vault. This enables your users to securely store their passwords, personal data, and confidential information without needing to acquire, deploy, train, and manage a separate system.

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Streamline audits,
Lower cyber insurance rates

senhasegura’s comprehensive solutions ensure compliance with regulations like SOX, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more. Our comprehensive reporting and forensic tools make it easy to pass audits and cyber insurers love how we bring order to the chaos of cybersecurity. As a result, our clients enjoy better insurability and lower rates.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Cybersecurity teams give senhasegura 5 stars

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Excellent PAM Solution

"The solution enhanced our environment's security and made our daily routine much easier. Our team can now focus on what is really important because now they have more time in their hands, since the solution does a big part of the operational work. (...)"

Great product and great product team

"Vendor are very easy to work with, and are willing to change product functions (build customer needed functions). Think we found te best fit PAM solution for us. We are a very global company with sites in +50 locations."

A flexible, updated and cost-effective solution

"The company has always been flexible, from the purchasing process to support. It was the only solution that met the different requirements of our infrastructure."

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