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Solution Brief

Lawyers instinctively understand that they have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality and privacy of their client’s information.

Legal professional privilege (LPP) is at the very heart of the relationship solicitors have with clients. It is the trust that the law guarantees them, so that they may divulge the most intimate details of their personal and professional dealings, safe in the knowledge that what they reveal to us will go no further.

Without that assurance, clients may hold back vital information from their solicitor, seriously damaging their ability to represent them and their confidence in the rule of law.

As corporations are now being forced to invest more heavily  in security to meet compliance and regulatory needs, they expect their legal partners to do the same.

In a treacherous environment of competition and cybercrime, data vulnerability is a viable threat, thus it is imperative that law firms take the proper steps to ensure that all client data is stored appropriately, while also having the capability to access and exchange it securely per need.

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What we offer:

senhasegura is the only full stack PAM Platform that covers the entire Privilege Access Management Lifecycle: Before, during and after a privileged credential is used. Senhasegura allows organisations to control and secure access between people and applications, regardless of whether deployed in the Cloud, On Premise or a Hybrid installation. Using senhasegura enables you to adhere to your industry and national compliance requirements and share documents securely with internal and external partners.


Privileged Session Management contained within the core PAM solution allows you to record, store and playback any activities that take place across your entire infrastructure be it hybrid, cloud or on premise helping with the legal requirements for compliance. Live streaming combined with behaviour analytics and alerting via our Radar management enable you to drop sessions that are running;

Automatic discovering, classifying and provisioning privileged access and secrets:

Meaning that un-used credentials are discovered, old accounts are discovered which means they can be deleted reducing the attack surface. Cloud and
DevOps ready, by automating tasks that
are prone to manual error;

Automatically Audit Privilege Use:

Meaning that we aautomatically audit privileged changes to anticipate detection of privilege abuses so that anyone accessing the infrastructure is monitored and any suspicious behaviour triggers an
alert so action can be taken;

Full reporting and dashboarding:

Meaning that the company can demonstrate compliance to industry auditors to any regulation it needs
to adhere too;

Zero Trust Access for 3rd Parties:

Whenever an employee or third-party needs access to devices managed by the PAM platform, senhasegura Domum sends a link for the approved access available to the final user, which allows instant and secure access to allowed devices. senhasegura’s agentless architecture with no need for additional software or licensing; Access restriction based on aspects like geolocation, time or day of the week, and duration; Access workflows with maximum granularity, based on industry-recognized access groups.

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