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At senhasegura, we take Privileged Access Management (PAM) seriously. We are experts at what we do, and want to bring our extensive PAM experience to your company and its valuable digital assets. That’s why we developed PAMaturity, a maturity assessment model designed to assess where your company stands on the journey towards Privileged Access Management excellence, regardless of industry or size.

This model, developed by the top-in-the-industry senhasegura team, takes into account the best practices we’ve experienced in both the market and with our customers. From basic controls to the most advanced tasks, we’ll walk you through every step you should take to reach the top level in your cybersecurity strategy.

Assessing your PAMaturity level can also help advise your budgets, priorities in Information Security, and risk management models to understand exactly which controls to implement when using a PAM solution, such as senhasegura.

Explore the diagram below to see the levels of maturity in PAM according to the senhasegura PAMaturity model:

a diagram showing maturity levels in PAM and the risks associated with which one of them

The PAM Maturity levels:


The lowest level of maturity in PAM, with the highest risk and least control over privileged credentials.


Maturity is still low, but there is some limitation of privileges, with segregation between privileged and unprivileged users.


Already using a solution for storing credentials, or even a PAM solution, but without advanced monitoring features and strong control of privileged actions.


The highest level of maturity in PAM. Organizations at this level use a robust Privileged Access Management solution and all its features.

Where does your organization stand?

Accelerate your PAMaturity and learn how to implement PAM in your organization at the highest level!

Learn More at Every Level of PAMaturity

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