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Cloud providers can ensure compliance for their infrastructure and environment, but compliance with security requirements and risk mitigation is still the customer’s responsibility. According to Gartner, 99% of data leaks that occurred in cloud environments were the responsibility of the customer.

Lack of assurance and due diligence may not be malicious, but when something happens to stored data, the business is at risk.

As a unique feature compared to competitors, senhasegura offers a Cloud IAM integrated into the solution, allowing provisioning, de-provisioning, and access flow for users and access keys.

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How It Works

Key Features

senhasegura’s Cloud IAM protects your company’s cloud environment by…

Strengthening administrative access to virtual machines.

Systematically resetting default passwords as part of the provisioning process.

Assigning individual responsibility for all privileged user activities.

Embedding our solution in task automation tools to provision new accounts through APIs transparently.

Replacing encrypted and visible application credentials with rotating credentials for added security.

Fully integrating and implementing two layers of security for privileged accounts for both service providers and customers.

Switching to senhasegura is easy.

See how we can take away the stress of your privileged access management and make it quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Who is it recommended for?

senhasegura is a leading global solution in privileged access management with a mission to eliminate the abuse of privileges in organizations around the world. Our solution is recommended for companies that:

Have more than 10 users;
Must comply with cybersecurity rules and regulations;
Received points of attention in auditing;
Want to implement best security practices;
Need to reduce operating costs;
Have already suffered a security incident.
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What Sets Us Apart

No Hidden Costs

We offer a full-stack, plug-and-play platform with no hidden or additional costs.

Top-Tier Service

5/5 top-rated customer support with 99% recommendation on Gartner Peer Insights.

Seamless Integration

Easily connect legacy devices, offering customization options for our customers.

Fast Deployment

In just 7 minutes, we can configure and deliver software and hardware architecture in High Availability.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive user experience reduces training and support time, cutting costs for our clients.

Expert Support Team

Count on our highly skilled team for exceptional technical support, ensuring a smooth experience.

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A Solution You Can Count On

"senhasegura is a great product that offers multiple solutions for everyday use. It can be deployed and integrated very quickly, which makes it use very simple to detect who, when and how connections to target critical systems, including IT/OT, are performed."
"senhasegura offers a handful of PAM capabilities that can be employed throughout our complex datacenter technology infrastructure, such as network, servers and Cloud devices. It can also be easily deployed in a High Availability scenario, which is crucial for a banking technology environment. Besides this, senhasegura natively offers native integration APIs with ITSM solutions like ServiceNow and Jira Helpdesk, Another useful feature is the remote session proxy, which centralizes all infrastructure configuration change, where they are recorded and stored, which assures traceability of all changes performed in the environment."
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70% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to competitors.
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The Only PAM solution available on the market that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle.