Application Identity Feature

Eliminate hard-coded passwords and identify privileged accesses.

Application Identity

Application Identity Datasheet

What is the Application Identity feature?

The Application Identity feature allows for the removal of credentials embedded within source codes, scripts, and configuration files. By doing so, passwords become managed by the solution and invisible to both developers and IT support staff.


Reliable authentication of all password requests through applications.
Use of the solution’s connection API for application credential management.
Granular access control, providing remote access to a specific service or application without displaying the password to the requesting user.

How It Works

Our solution uses a proprietary template to change the password for application credentials, storing the new password in encrypted form within its database. The credential can then be accessed through the solution’s connection API or directly inserted into the application server's connection pool.


Passwords are changed:
Automatically in legacy applications;
In HTTP, HTTPS and Social Network applications;
In a synchronized manner for credentials used in the integration between the database and the application;
In a connection pool.

Interface for remote access to applications with session recording;

Templates for application password change in open and auditable format;

In a connection pool.

Technical Features

The solution has the ability to identify any type of device connected to your network, including:

Credential password changes on Application Servers (JBoss, GlassFish, WebLogic, and others);
Limited access through IP, Path, and Token API queries;
Integration support for RESTful APIs;
Java component integrated with the vault and password cache to prevent unavailability.

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