Behavior Analysis Feature

Monitor user behavior automatically using Machine Learning (ML).

Behavior Analysis

Behvior Analysis Datasheet

What is the Behavior Analysis feature?

The Behavior Analysis feature is a pivotal component in access management, focusing on the detection, alerting, and response to activities carried out by privileged credentials, even when such access aligns with the user's role.


Privilege abuse restriction;

Control over administrative user actions;

Quick detection of attacks and compromised accounts;

Automatic response to suspected credential theft.

How It Works

Our comprehensive solution has a self-learning mechanism to identify and respond to any changes in user behavior patterns and access profiles.


Identification of suspicious accesses or queries by a series of criteria:

Excessive number;
Unusual time;
Unknown origin;
Atypical duration.

User session analysis based on behavioral history;

Identification of unusual behaviors with abnormality alerts for SIEM/SYSLOG;

Algorithms, developed by senhasegura, that are continuously adjusted to user behavior;

Detailed dashboards provide visual representation of incidents and threats, allowing for quick action by the security team.

Technical Features

Our solution runs an analysis of the following variables:

Workstation of origin;
Time and length of session;
Target system;
Attempt to execute blocked commands;
Credentials used;
Execution of monitored commands;
Denied access attempts.