How the senhasegura Solution Works

Securely centralize all of your credentials.

Exposure and misuse of privileged accounts are extremely inviting to cyberattackers. Intruders steal and exploit the privileged accounts of corporations of all sizes to take hostile control of the company’s entire infrastructure. This allows them to explore the entire virtual environment, moving across the corporate network undetected, to achieve the purpose of their attack.

senhasegura is a Privileged Access Management (Gartner Challenger) software solution that stores, manages, and monitors all credentials, such as passwords, SSH keys, and digital certificates, in a secure digital vault. Using encryption mechanisms, the password vault allows single-password access to multiple registered credentials.

Moreover, senhasegura grants access to network resources via SSH and RDP protocols while meticulously recording all activities for audits and compliance. Real-time analysis and intelligent alerts spot fraudulent actions.

Experience the future of PAM with senhasegura.

senhasegura Privileged Access Management Flow:

senhasegura Working Diagram

The Password Lifecycle

Like many elements in technology infrastructure, passwords undergo a lifecycle: they are created to provide users with access to their activities, and last for a certain amount of time before needing to be changed.

However, this cycle might lead to situations where users forget passwords, blocking their access at critical times. Deploying senhasegura reduces the costs and risks by streamlining credential management within the organization and enforcing robust password policies.

Password Lifecycle


senhasegura’s primary functions in the corporate environment are:

Protecting the organization and its high-privilege credentials.

Ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards like ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and SOX.

Streamlining internal and external audit processes.

Increasing productivity and operational efficiency.

Tracking important actions to discourage and mitigate fraud.

Technical Features

Some of the system’s technical features include:

Ability to securely store a series of credentials, from SSL certificates to social network passwords;
Automatic discovery of devices and user accounts in the corporate network;
Delivery of the authenticated session without exposing the user’s password;
All sessions can be recorded on video;
Automatic password changes;
Access to a resource via email or SMS authorization;
Protection of hardcoded passwords or configuration files;
Use of SSH clients and SSH and Telnet command audit;
Custody of multi-user passwords.

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