PAM Services for SSH Key Management

Safely and efficiently manage your SSH protocol with secure storage, rotation, and access control for SSH keys.

What is SSH Key Management?

SSH key management refers to the processes and practices involved in securely creating, distributing, using, and revoking SSH (Secure Shell) keys. SSH keys are cryptographic keys that authenticate users and provide secure access to systems, usually for remote login or automated processes.

SSH keys replace outdated security techniques used to encrypt data transfers. However, it is important to protect, analyze, document, and manage SSH keys systematically to ensure their effectiveness. Failure to do so puts the security of the entire system at risk.

From a Venafi survey with more than 400 cybersecurity professionals interviewed:
stated they don’t limit the number or even monitor administrators who manage SSH.
prohibit users from configuring authorized keys, making their systems vulnerable.
don’t have an accurate record of SSH keys, with no way to identify untrusted or violated keys.

Benefits of senhasegura to protect SSH Keys

By implementing robust key management practices with senhasegura PAM, organizations can protect their systems and data from unauthorized access and security threats.

Increased Security

senhasegura PAM blocks unauthorized access to privileged accounts by providing a secure method for authenticating users and controlling access.

Reduced Risks

Not susceptible to password guessing or brute-force attacks, which reduces the risk of credential theft and unauthorized access to your systems.

Auditing and Accountability

Enables organizations to track and monitor who has access to which systems and when by providing a clear audit trail of SSH key usage and access activities.

Automation and Efficiency

Streamlines key distribution, rotation, and revocation tasks, improving efficiency and ensuring consistent application of SSH key management best practices.

Granular Access Control

senhasegura manages trust relationships between SSH keys and systems and enforces least privilege principles by allowing administrators to assign specific keys to individual users or groups.


Scales easily to accommodate changing access requirements and user populations, whether managing a handful of keys or thousands, without sacrificing security.

How It Works

senhasegura SSH Key Management provides everything you need to securely create, distribute, monitor, and revoke SSH keys:

Key Generation
‍SSH keys are generated using cryptographic algorithms.

The public keys are distributed to the authorized servers or systems.

Once the public key is deployed on a server, the associated user is allowed access.

When a user attempts to access a server, a private key must be presented for verification.

Rotation and Renewal
SSH keys are rotated periodically to mitigate the risk of compromise.

If a private key is compromised or no longer in use, the associated public key is revoked.

Monitoring and Auditing
Comprehensive monitoring and auditing to track key usage and access activities.

Creating SSH Key and Remote Sessions


Automatically scans Linux servers to identify existing SSH keys, simplifying key management and ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Organizes and structures connection lists between servers, facilitating efficient access management and reducing the risk of misconfigurations.

Allows for the reset of SSH keys with manual publishing, ensuring that compromised keys can be quickly replaced and distributed securely.

Facilitates the seamless distribution of SSH keys to authorized users and servers, streamlining access provisioning and enhancing security.

Generates detailed reports on key mappings, providing insights into key usage and access patterns for auditing and compliance purposes.

Maintains comprehensive logs of SSH key usage and access activities, enabling administrators to track and monitor key usage for security and compliance purposes.

Encrypts stored SSH keys and ensures that all communication involving these keys is encrypted, safeguarding sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access.

Seamlessly integrates with identity providers such as LDAP or Active Directory, allowing for centralized authentication and access management.

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Certificates, SSH keys, & PAM managed in one single platform.

Switching to senhasegura is easy! See how we can take away the stress of your privileged access management and make it quick, easy, and cost-effective.

What Sets Us Apart

No Hidden Costs

We offer a full-stack, plug-and-play platform with no hidden or additional costs.

Top-Tier Service

5/5 top-rated customer support with 99% recommendation on Gartner Peer Insights.

Seamless Integration

Easily connect legacy devices, offering customization options for our customers.

Fast Deployment

In just 7 minutes, we can configure and deliver software and hardware architecture in High Availability.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive user experience reduces training and support time, cutting costs for our clients.

Expert Support Team

Count on our highly skilled team for exceptional technical support, ensuring a smooth experience.


8th Biggest Telco in the World

Check out a real-world case study where senhasegura made a significant impact by helping a well-known telecommunications company gain control of its SSH protocol.

The Situation

A complex telecommunications network with 3 huge data centers and more than 100k devices spread geographically.
Unmanaged SSH keys, certificates, and local passwords, along with ghost SSH Keys and certificates across on-premises and cloud IT devices.

The Problem

Lack of a clear policy leads to the creation of machine identities without proper governance.
Absence of a centralized security control center for machine identities, allowing ghost identities making it difficult to track and manage them, and allowing ghost identities that can be exploited.

The Solution

Implement the senhasegura platform to oversee the lifecycle of machine identities across three distributed data centers, ensuring high availability and disaster recovery.
Utilize senhasegura's discovery capabilities to scan and identify privileged credentials, SSH keys, and certificates across more than 10,000 devices and multiple CAS.

The Results

 Centralized view of SSH keys, credentials, and certificates.
Lifecycle management for SSH keys and certificates
 Reduction of ghost SSH keys and unused credentials.
Reduction of application outages due to certificate expiration.

Learn More About Centralized SSH Key Management

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"Senhasegura Is A Positive Suprise With An Excellent Cost.

The deployment architecture is easy and the interface is intuitive and meets our needs. The technical support was excellent so far.

I really liked the fact that there is no need to install a RDS Cluster in order to access managed devices, which made us save money with Microsoft licenceses.
Also, I think the option of using a proxy for an SSH session and not changing the user experience is very helpful."
IT Manager - IT Services
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"A Sturdy, Reliable And Easy To Manage Solution.

The solution simplifies the access to privilege credentials combined with a very sturdy auditing , in general the settings and the management of the solution is very easy, with a vendor`s support that is always careful and wiling to help our needs.

Whats makes the solution uniques is the feature of proxy RDP or SSH, allowing me to access remotely to have access to the protocols with security, performance and auditing during the process.
IT Security & Risk Management Associate - IT Services
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A Quality PAM Solution And Support

senhasegura has been a great solution for us. We use it on daily basis and we are sure our organization is safer with it. The solution provided us a great asset in terms of auditing and reporting capabilities that have allowed us to meet compliance requirements effectively.
I highly recommend senhasegura for organizations seeking a top-notch Privileged Access Management solution.
IT Security & Risk Management Associate - IT Services

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